7 Card Stud - How to Play and Tips

onlinepokerOne of the most popular forms of poker today is 7 Card Stud. This is a game requiring patience and skill where you are sure to win if you know when to hold and fold. With the numerous cards and betting rounds in the game, you may find it expensive staying in the 7 Card Stud pot without this expertise.

Basically, 7 Card Stud is the following version of 5 card stud which is popular with the extra options it offers for better hands with the seven cards you receive with a deal. The game starts by dealing each player two cards face down, and one face up, like in 5 card stud.

If you have a weak hand, fold

A round of betting follows, where players either ante or make a forced bet, wager and then raise (by adding to the table bet). If required, the player can fold or give up if they have a weak hand in 7 Card Stud. The players who call are then dealt another card face up, which is followed with another round of betting.

This routine is repeated for two more rounds with a card dealt one at a time and a round of betting. Once the final card is dealt and final bet completed, the winning hand is determined by the player’s seven cards.

Cards of the same suit, cards in sequential order or multiple set of cards of the same rank in 7 Card Stud, all constitute a good hand. Usually the highest ranking cards beat the lower ranking cards.

The best hand in 7 Card Stud is a royal flush of 10, J, Q, K; A of the same suit which is followed by a straight flush with cards in consecutive order and same suit.

Visible cards can be considered dead in 7 Card Stud

The four of a kind comes next in 7 Card Stud with four cards of the same rank, flush is five cards of the same suit and a straight is five consecutive cards of any suit. The three of a kind constitute three cards of similar rank, the two pair is two pairs of two cards of similar rank and the one pair in 7 Card Stud is a set of two cards of similar rank. The lowest ranking is a high card hand with five different cards where the person with the highest card is the winner.

To win at 7 Card Stud, if the cards you require for improving your hand are visible to opponents, then the cards are considered dead. You have to adjust your strategy accordingly, and fold the hand if required.

Patience will help you win in 7 card stud

Use common sense; as you need five cards to make a flush in 7 Card Stud and if these cards are in your opponent’s hands, you will not deal the cards. If you can’t see the cards, then you may deal the cards. If you are aiming for a straight in 7 Card Stud, see if others display the cards and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Most important, to win in 7 Card Stud you need patience as this is a game of patience. Though you may find learning the game easy, mastering it is difficult. So don’t bet your money on losing hands and lose money while playing 7 Card Stud.