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cardFulltiltpoker.com is one of the many online poker sites I have visited on the internet in a bid to find an entertaining online casino site. I found fulltiltpoker.com to be a very informative site as I can avail all of the information I require from the first page of the website, using a single click.

This is because the site has a flash banner giving information about the various activities that the site offers. As each section arises, you just have to click on what information or game you are looking for and find out more about that part of fulltiltpoker.com.

Fulltiltpoker.com is endorsed by professional poker players

The greatest feature of fulltiltpoker.com is that it is an online poker site that is endorsed by professional poker players. There is a list of the players endorsing the site, and you just have to click on the player you wish to approach for tips and tricks at winning at poker. You can not only ask them for tips, you can also play against them and try your hand at winning against one of the best online poker players.

With fulltiltpoker.com, like most online poker sites, you have the option of playing for real or play money. If you are new to online poker, fulltiltpoker.com also offers you tutorials on playing the game and how you can improve on your game. And to gain practice in playing online poker, it is better for you to play your poker games using play money.

Special Features | Screenshots | Info | Support Quality