PartyPoker and Simplicity Equals Satisfaction

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Simplicity is what best describes the online poker site and it is for a good reason. Upon entering this online poker site, the only image you'll see is a poker table.. There is also the usual menu that you see on most online poker sites. What gives an advantage is the way it uses its two main colors, green and red. Green words refer to titles while the red ones are clickable links.

Despite having a simple design, don't be fooled by this online poker website. in fact has a lot of great features. One thing that sets from other online poker sites is that it has its own "search" tool. All you need to do is type in whatever it is you are looking for and then the site displays where you can find it on With this feature, the hassle of clicking on multiple links is done away with.

Simplicity isn't the only thing that's has. This online poker site also organizes the information available in a very efficient way. Near the top are the menu and search tool. Download and instant play options are available at the middle. Near the bottom is where shows you why less is better. The information is organized into three categories. Help guides for those who are still new to online poker, offers for those who already have experience, and promotions.

Clicking on the links under these categories explains why designed its website in a simple way. Each link points you to other pages where all other information and links are available. Think of as a book. The main page is like the title and the table of contents. When you click on a link, you are directed to another page or a "chapter."

Once you are at a particular page, you'll be amazed at what it offers., like other online poker sites, has an option that takes you to a "poker school." however takes it one step further. Its online poker tutorial is interactive and easy to understand. It also has a poker trainer where you get free coaching on how to play online poker. As a warning though, you may need to have Java installed if you want these options to run. also offers other games aside from online poker.

The links are easily accessible since these are available at the top of the list. The link for its email and phone support is also found at the top in the event that you encounter some problems or glitches while playing online poker. Another good thing that you can find at is that it has a tab that is marked as "Responsible Gaming." The page contains tips on how to prevent people under 18 years of age from signing up with the site. The page also has tips on how to control your gambling in playing online poker.

It seems that had the foresight to address any issues that an online poker player may have whether a beginner or a professional. is a very good site when it comes to playing online poker!

Special Features | Screenshots | Info | Support Quality