Ms. Poker:I'm Not Bluffing Book I by Susie Isaacs

ms pokerAny book review about Susie Isaacs is incomplete without mentioning her lively personality and her achievements as a poker player. She is an advocate of women playing high-stakes poker games, an author of poker books and a poker novel, a writer for poker magazines, and a beautiful person who has survived and lived to tell the colorful tale of the trials that life has thrown her way. Her poker attires are equally colorful as her life-brightly decorated poker shirts, hats with card symbols, and dangling earrings. However bright her personality and poker attires are, Susie Isaac’s poker achievements overshadow them. She is the first and only woman to win the World Series of Poker Ladies Championship back-to-back in 1996 and 1997. She has also finished in the money of six WSOP ladies’ events. In the poker world still largely dominated by men, Susie Isaacs certainly has made it.

That being said, Susie Isaac definitely has racked up enough experiences in and outside of the poker community to write Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I. Well, actually this book is a compilation of the best of the poker articles she has written over the years. As expected, it is a highly biographical work reflecting her personal ideas about poker and life in general. And as expected too, Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I reflects her vibrant personality.

Susie Isaacs is a very self-confident woman, and it shows in the way she markets Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I. In her own words, she has written more books on poker than any other woman in the business, which is quite true if one takes into account her articles for the Card Player Magazine. Again in her own words, she writes her books with “humor, pizzazz, and flair.” She has written three other books-Ms. Poker: Up Close & Personal, 1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets and Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book II.

Together with the great Amarillo Slim, Susie Isaac is one of poker players cum writers who write in an entertaining and amusing fashion (as she puts it, with humor, pizzazz, and flair). Most authors would go into discussions about poker strategies without an amusing anecdote to liven up the proceedings. It has its advantages but a little fun here and there never did hurt anybody. Then again, these two poker players are known for their lives outside of the poker community as well as inside it so their books are a genre of their own.

Definitely, Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I will not discuss poker strategies in detail. You would be better off buying instructional poker books, which are plenty on the market. And this is what makes Susie Isaacs stand out-she has a unique view of poker and writes from a player-cum-writer-cum-observer standpoint. She knows that winning in poker comes as much from experience as it comes from learning poker theories and poker strategies from textbooks. However, you can secure helpful poker tips from the book but you can get distracted with her storytelling.

It is my humble opinion that women would enjoy reading Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I more than the men possibly would. Since the book has a woman’s point of view about surviving emotional stresses, the people she has met and hopes to meet, and how she has found her edge in life, women can easily relate to her life experiences.

And as Ms. Poker: I’m Not Bluffing Book I is of biographical quality, Susie Isaacs discusses her opinions on gambling and of life in general, her childhood memories and her family. You might not agree with her opinions but you will respect the way she puts forth her advocacies. Now, that is what I call commanding respect for whoever and whatever you are, colorful poker attires, and supremely self-confident attitude notwithstanding.