Poker Odds and Expected Return

Poker odds can be described as probability which is expressed in a ratio. The probability in poker odds is the possibility of the player winning at poker. Poker players are always looking out to know more about their odds to the pot, and the odds of winning.

By knowing their poker odds, players know how long they have to play to win and improve their chances of winning the pot money. To the new players, calculation of poker odds looks scary. However on the contrary, its calculation is not as hard as it looks.

Use poker odds calculators to calculate poker odds

Players look for ways of tipping poker odds to their favor with the help of different techniques, programs and gadgets. However, poker players prefer using poker odds calculators to help them calculate their poker odds.

These calculators are found in two forms; software programs that can be bought or downloaded from the internet to the home computer. There are also poker odds calculators that can be carried everywhere but to the casino floor.

With knowledge of poker odds, the player knows the risks of betting on a hand, the number of players at the table, the existing cards and point of play in the game.

Outs are sometimes easy to count, and sometimes difficult

Knowing your poker odds of winning can be compared to the counting of outs. Like if you have nine cards that give the best hand to you, you can say you have nine outs.

In other words, a card that gives you the best hand is considered to be an out. At times, outs can be counted easily and sometimes, they are not countable at all.

There are some common poker odds that people are always on the lookout for, although they are not of much help. The poker odds mentioned here are based on a player on the turn, and looking for a river, while the poker odds can be used on the flop too.

Four to a flush is one poker odds

The open ended straight draw (4.8:1) is one of the poker odds. An example is drawing 8 outs with four fives and four tens, when there is no flush on the board.

Four to a flush (4.1:1) is another of the poker odds where you can assume you are drawing to a nut flush where no one can have a higher flush than you.

The straight belly is a famous poker odds

This is important if you have a card to make the flush. However, if you are aiming for a four flush on the board, you have to be careful if you don't have the ace. With people liking to draw to flushes and playing aces, you have lower poker odds at winning if you chase to anything but the nut flush.

Another example of the poker odds is the inside straight or belly buster (10.5:1) where it is taken for granted that you are heading to the nuts. It is only if you use both your hole cards in this situation will you be making the straight and not drawing to nuts.

Besides these poker odds, there are other interesting poker odds like one pair, drawing to two pair or trips (8.2:1), over cards on a ragged flop (6.7:1), drawing to a set with poker odds of 22:1 and drawing to X outs. It is better to understand all these poker odds, and learn to pinpoint them and use them to win at a game of poker.