Best tournament poker rooms

Rank Poker Room Overall
Software &
Easy to Win
1. PokerStars PokerStars
2. Titan Poker Titan Poker
3. Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker
4. William Hill Poker William Hill Poker
5. Sportsbook Poker Sportsbook Poker
6. Everest Poker Everest Poker
7. Carbon Poker Carbon Poker
8. bwin Poker bwin Poker
9. PlayersOnly Poker PlayersOnly Poker
10. Pacific Poker Pacific Poker

Poker Tournaments - How to Play and Tips

Though poker has been around for some time, poker tournament has today taken the world by storm. In fact, in a few years time, poker tournaments have attracted thousands of players to play poker in online poker rooms to try their luck at winning prize pools of more than a million dollars.

It is through a buy-in that players enter a poker tournament, which is a fixed amount of money. Besides this, there is an entry fee that the poker room or casino collects from players participating in the tournament which is multiplied with the buy-in amount to form the prize pool for the poker tournament.

Good players prefer slow poker tournaments

Different poker tournaments have different payout structures; but usually every 10 players get a prize. Players start with equal amounts of chips while stakes are raised every 15 to 60 minutes. The stakes, the starting number of chips and the time periods of the game are all dependent on whether the poker tournament is a fast or slow one.

Slow poker tournaments are preferred by good players as these games start with numerous chips and have long time periods that give the player a chance of outplaying their opponents before the stakes are unreachable.

If the poker tournament starts with 100 players, they play as 10 hands in 10 tables. Players get eliminated as they go broke, unless its a re-buy poker tournament where players can buy in again in a fixed period of time.

With the elimination of players, the other players get relocated with the breaking up and reconfiguration of tables. It is when one player has all the chips that the poker tournament ends.

The chips in poker tournaments have different values

It is not true that a successful ring game player can win at poker tournaments. For a ring player to play in the tournament, they have to adjust their strategy. This is because though they have to collect the maximum number of chips to win in ring games, in poker tournaments, the chips have to be collected in a certain time frame while blinds are increased constantly. So chips have to be won much faster here than in ring games.

Unlike ring games where each chip is worth the same, the chips in tournament poker have different relative value. The chips you start out with are worth more than the next chips you may win. So if you can't buy to get back into the poker tournament, the chips that last with you till last are the most valuable ones.

Start gambling when the blinds start rising

When playing poker tournament, you not only need a strong hand to call a bet, but also a semi-strong hand to make bets. This has to be remembered when stealing blinds and making moves. Play poker tournament while following the blinds. If you find the blinds to be low, you have to sit tight and just wish others make mistakes. Once you find the blinds to rise, you can start gambling.

Keep observing opponents to find out how they play, and thus make decisions. Keep your focus on the table you are at, and forget about the other players and tables, and the distribution of their chips. Concentrate on winning as many chips as possible on your table.

Play wisely lest you lose your poker tournament

Learn when to change gears during the poker tournament. You have to know when to play aggressively, and when to play tight to win at a poker tournament. You need a mixture of both tight and aggressive playing to win at a poker tournament. Play wisely to survive in poker tournament as a single mistake can cost you your poker tournament.

All these tips are applicable in all forms of poker tournaments; be it an online qualifier, online tournament, satellite event or live tournament. The structure changes between them but the goal is the same, which is to win at a poker tournament.