BEST Texas Hold'em SITES

Rank Poker Room Game Rating Players at
peak hours
Bonus PLAY
1. Full Tilt Poker
10,500 $600
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2. Ultimate Bet
2,600 $1100
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3. WilliamHill Poker
10,000 $600
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4. Carbon Poker
5,000 $1000
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5. Titan Poker
10,000 $600
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6. Pacific Poker
2,000 $475
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7. bwin Poker
9,000 $500
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8. Sportsbook Poker
1,700 $1000
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9. PokerStars
22,500 $50
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10. Everest Poker
7,000 $500
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Texas Hold'em - Tips and Tricks

Texas Hold'em is one of the popular poker games in the casinos and poker rooms. It has also gained popularity on the Internet among online poker gaming sites. By playing online, not only can you find it cheap to play the game, you can also play anonymously. Texas Holdem players can practice online or compete in various online tournaments and get a chance to be eligible for major tournaments.

How to Play the Game

Texas Hold'em players are dealt with an incomplete hand face down and the first betting round begins. After the first betting round, three community cards are dealt face up to the center of the table with no particular pattern or order and the second betting round begins. Before the third betting round starts, a fourth community card is dealt followed by the fifth and last betting round. The player plays the best five-card hand using his two cards and the five cards on the board. Like in all variations of Poker, players of Texas Holdem compete for the pot. The players try to control how much money is in the pot based on the hand the player is holding.

The Texas Hold'em game is divided into a cycle of deals. The deal ends either in a showdown or when all but a single player folded. In the latter case, the player who didn’t fold with the best hand wins the pot. There are cases when there is tie in which case the pot is split among the winning players. Players do not play to win every hand but to make a mathematically correct decision. By making the right decision, they can maximize their winnings.


There are a lot of different strategies used by Texas Hold'em players. Some of them work some of the time but not all of them can hold water. A little luck is still needed even though no matter how good the strategy may seem to be. Here are some of the basic strategies of the Texas Hold'em.

  • The Poker Face. A poker player should know how to make a poker face. Try not to show it in your face that you got a good hand. A smile, a twitch, fingers drumming, or sweat breaking off on your forehead can give away your luck or misfortune in a Texas Holdem game.
  • Learn to observe the cards. This can help you decide if you want to fold, call, or bet. You should learn to watch the cards as they are being dealt. You will be able to figure out the odds of which cards are going to come up.
  • The art of Bluffing. This strategy can increase the chances of making the players fold out of the game. Texas Hold'em players who can make a good bluff can win the pot just by scaring the other players. This also goes hand in hand with your poker face.
  • The Bet. It is the single most important aspect of Poker, and most certainly in Texas Hold'em. Watch out for players who bet big because they might have a good hand but most of the times it can just be a ruse to make you fold and their strategy backfires on them.
  • Folding. This is probably one of the hardest decisions you are going to make in a game of Texas Holdem. Probability still dictates that you will not be able to have a good hand, and there’s little or no chance at all of winning a round. Putting more money would not be wise at this time. So hold on to what money you have and play the next round.

Knowing which of these strategies you will use in a game can tip the table in your favor. Learning when to use the strategies takes patience, wit, and subtlety to master.